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Side Effects is a fully voiced premium module for Zaklínač computer game, designed by CD Projekt RED. It was released on September 16, 2008 as part of the The Witcher: Enhanced Edition.

Plot Editovat

People Dandelion full

Geralt z Rivie, proslulý Bílý vlk, se dozvídá, že jeho nejlepší přítel se dostal do potíží. Pokud chce zaklínač pomoci Marigoldovi, musí sehnat pěknou sumičku peněz. Stihne to včas?

Postavy Editovat

The major characters (other than Geralt of course) in this module are:

The rest of the characters are:

Místa Editovat

Places Vizima Temple Quarter

While the layout of these areas has not changed and they may seem very familiar, the locations in "Side Effects" depict these places as they were sometime before the events of the main game campaign. For example, the building known as Lebedův lazaret v Zaklínač is known simply as the Svatyně Melitelé in this module. There is no crypt in the cemetery and some parts of the sewers are inacessible.

Nestvůry Editovat

This list of monsters is somewhat abbreviated in this module. Most of the creatures who do appear are only worth 1 XP each to kill so the experience rewards are disproportionately small for the work required.

Úkoly Editovat

There are twelve quests in this module:

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