V Sáze o Zaklínači, se 'teleportům říkalo "portály". Skrze ně je možné cestovat nejen prostorem, ale i časem, pokud cestovateli v žilách koluje Lařin gen.

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Teleportation gate open

Teleport – je zde velmi užitečná rychlocesta mezi bažinami, Kupeckou a Chrámovou čtvrtí. Také je to ekonomický tah, neboť už nemusíte dál dávat těch pár orénů převozníkovi.

There seems the be a theme in the game about teleports, perhaps relating to incidents mentioned in the books. Several people, Kalkstein a Leuvaarden in particular, relate stories of unfortunate people who used teleports less than successfully. These individuals often arriving at their destinations in less than one piece. The actual functionning of the teleports are not really explored further, but in the cut scenes, Geralt does look like he's being "sucked in" when he uses them.

Trissino zrcadlo funguje zároveň jako telekomunikátor (as is shown in the opening cut scene of Akt III), very versatile... and I suppose Triss herself, on occasion, could be considered a teleport. She does teleport our hero at least twice during the game: first to the základna Salamandry and then away from danger. There's a suggestion of a third time, otherwise how would Triss have gotten an unconscious Geralt out of the bažiny and into her bedroom in the Kupecká čtvrť anyway?

Teleporter inactive Teleporter forming [[Image:Teleporter_active.png|250px|Teleport, aktivovaný]

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