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Savolla je mág který dělal komplice Magistrovi a Azar Javedovi při útoku na Kaer Morhen. Byl natolik silný, že zvládl ovladat chiméru, ale nebylo ho možno zachrátit od smrti rukou Geralta or Triss, depending on one's choices.

Like other mágové Salamandry , he prefers to let the non-magical ranks deal with the actual crossing of swords and wielding of weapons while he hangs back using magic to summon all sorts of extra foes and effects. Savolla is more powerful than many of his brethren, so his displays are more impressive. His counterparts are more fond of summoning ifríts.

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Poznámky Editovat

  • According to Triss Ranuncul, Savolla's "ambiciózní a bez skrupulí."
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