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There are several prostitutky to be found in the Chrámová čtvrť, higher class companionship can be found with the kurtizány in the Chrámová čtvrť. One is near Golan Vivaldi's house, one on the Hráz, another walking around near Beraninův dům, to name but a few. Their bordel madame is Carmen. The services of all the prostitutes can be had by paying (obviously) around 250 orens. All the hookers have the same sex card, so there is no need to get intimate with each of them to collect all the different sex cards available in the game.

note: The prostitutes will no longer be willing to "service" Geralt if he supports the Squirrels in the Velká bankovní loupež quest.

When Geralt completes the Pracující dívky quest and if he chooses not to accept cash payment, instead telling Carmen that he's "no materialist", the girls will provide their services in exchange for a bouquet of květiny. If he takes the cash reward, then he will only receive a discount on the their services, 110 orens for a date.

Their calls of "like the look of me?" and "yoo-hoo" can often be heard while strolling through the Temple quarter.

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"Klášterní Wyzima nabízí spoustu pobavení každému, kdo si ho může dovolit zaplatit."

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