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Polní nemocnice je v centru Staré Wyzimy. Shani has chosen to set up her emergency medical post to tend to the casualties, be they human or nonhuman, of the fighting between the Řád planoucí růže and the Scoia'tael. As a result, it is also the scene of at least one unexpected, armed intrusion.

It is also the location of the only Nástěnka in Stará Wyzima and the place where the sexual encounter with the two ošetřovatelky takes place, depending on previous path choices. Also dependent on those choices is which door Geralt gets to use to enter the hospital. If he chooses the Řád planoucí růže or the Scoia'tael, he gets to use the front door, but on neutrální he must use the back door. In interesting side-effect of this slight difference is that it makes the notice board somewhat difficult to get to if you choose neutrální.

Úkoly Editovat

  • If Geralt has chosen a neutral path, then it is both the Scoia'tael (first) and the Order of the Flaming Rose (right after) who barge in and start trying to kill any and all patients, one after another. At which point Shani declares that she needs a drink, and who wouldn't?
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