a peasant woman

Obyvatelé Bahnic

Postavy[editovat | editovat zdroj]

Zápisy do Deníku[editovat | editovat zdroj]

"Z idylické selské atmosféry Bahnic se mi tak trochu motá hlava. Láska tady poletuje ve vzduchu a válí se po polích. Podobně jako vůně květů rozpálených sluncem mě to vyvádí z míry. A vypadá to, že ostatní to cítí stejně."

Náhodných setkání[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  • a peasant woman asks Geralt for parfém
  • a peasant woman is concerned for a family member who suffered a garkain attack and now suffers from poison. Geralt helps her identify the poison. The conversation will result in the bestiary entry along with any associated ingredient entries he doesn't have yet.
  • One old peasant woman in the village (or near the krčma) will give Geralt entries for alps, bruxae and their alchemies in exchange for "something to eat".
  • Another old peasant woman will give Geralt entries for verbena, chmelové šišky, and finally bryonie in exchange for "something sweet"
  • A not so old-looking old peasant woman around vesnice will mention that Marigold wanted her to tell Geralt about local herbs. She'll give entries for okvětní plátky ginatie, kapryfolium, and ovoce berberky. She may not appear in the village until the Denní chleba quest is complete.
  • a peasant normally found at the krčma about nekrofág which unlocks the bestiary entry and their alchemies in the journal.
  • a peasant around the village or in the krčma who'll mention how the Polednice keep them from working in the pole. The conversation will unlock the bestiary entry and associated alchemies in the journal.
  • an old peasant man around vesnice or in the krčma also mentions terrible dreams about Půlnočnice, but that conversation will not result in a bestiary entry for these monsters.

Galerie[editovat | editovat zdroj]

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