Place of Power

Místo moci

Marker Place of Power These places of power are indicated on maps with a blue dot.

Rituály Editovat

In these spots, depending on how talents have been allocated, Geralt can perform different rituals.

Effect Pop1 Rituálu Magicka ale síla znamení increased by 100% for 5 hours
Effect Pop2 Rituálu Očištění rids the body of Toxicita and intoxication, it has the same effect as using a Bílý med potion, i.e. nullifying any current potion effects in addition to detoxification
Effect Pop3 Rituálu Života regeneration speed increased, not unlike a Vlaštovka potion

Geralt can perform the Ritual of Magic by default. The other two rituals require higher level Inteligence upgrades before they can be performed.

Mechanics Editovat

  • Left click on the blue light source to activate a Place of Power
  • Choose the action you want to perform from the list of available actions, initially there is only the Ritual of Magic

There are Places of power in all locations of the game, except Kaer Morhen keep, in the Prolog.

Lokace Editovat

  • Podhradí: outside the krypta, one inside the crypt and a third between the Salamandra hideout and the southern cave
  • Wyzimské stoky: outside the fisstech lab, one where Gellert Bleinheim waits and in the tunnel leading to the elven ruins
  • Bažiny: on a small island just east of Wyvern Island, on a small island just west of the Cihlář obce, and at the foot of Melitele's shrine
  • Břeh: one near the lakeside south of the Fisher King's hut, another at western exit from the Lakeside to the Fields,
  • Bahnice: one outside, east of the Krčma v Bahnicích, up a small hill
  • Pole: north of the hermit's compound
  • Hřbitov v bažinách: not far from the old mine, and also in Saint Gregory's tomb chamber
  • Staré hradiště: by the shipwreck on the way to the landing
  • V ceně neutrality: one near the wyverns and one northwest of the camp

Mapy Editovat

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