Krypta v polích
The Griggs' santon inside krypta

Long since abandoned by humans, the Krypta v polích outside Bahnice has become home to a multitude of malignant forces. There are upíři, even garkains; there are mrchožrouti, and their king, Ureus, letitý nekrofág who has gone unchallenged. ...Not to mention alpů, alghúlů, ghúlů, and a colony of 'bad' griggs.

Among the many chambers filled with sarcophagi, trunks and exposed corpses, there is also a circle of elements, the Kruh prázdné země and a chapel where the colony of griggs worships.

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Poznámky[editovat | editovat zdroj]

  • There is a candle at the base of the "bad" griggs' Santon. By default, the candle seems to be lit, but Geralt can blow it out with Aard and relight it with Igni.
  • There is a section of the crypt which may seem to some as a "secret area" as a Bruxa can bee "seen" (i.e. the "bruxa" label is visible with the use of Alt key) through the walls of the griggs' chamber or the chamber with the circle of elements, as well as the spawning sound of a necrophage and the vibration of Geralt's medallion when approaching said walls. This area is never accessible in the game.

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