Places Vizima cemetery crypt

Krypta na hřbitově is located inside Wyzimský hřbitov, in the north section.

V krypta, you can find the corpse of the real Raymond (detektiv). This proves that the "Raymond" who is currently passing as the detective is actually Azar Javed, and that the other suspects are innocent.

There are also some Ghúl, Alghúl, Fleder a nekrofág to fight and there is some interesting loot. Kočka potions and Necrophage Oil are useful.

V Akt III, the Scoia'tael have locked some humans v krypta, and Geralt has to choose whether to save them from the ghouls or pursue the Squirrels.


People Raymond dead



There is quite a bit of loot in this crypt.


Konec spoileru.
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