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* [[Meteority#Žlutý meteorit|Žlutý meteorit]]
* [[Meteority#Žlutý meteorit|Žlutý meteorit]]
| [[Citlivost protivníka na stříbro]]
| [[Sražení k zemi]]
* Increased an opponents vulnerability to silver weapons
* Increased an opponents vulnerability to silver weapons

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Ve hře Zaklínač, in any given boj, the object is for Geralt to win, either by killing or frightening off his foes. This is achieved by inflicting as much poškození on opponents while taking as little poškození from them as possible. Poškození inflicted can be enhanced positively (for Geralt) by making use of zbraně and signs which increase the kritický efekty that some of these possess. Poškození can also be negatively enhanced (i.e. be more damaging to Geralt) as well, if his opponents possess weapons of their own which enhance some critical effects.

Combat modifiers

  • Útok: The chance of successful attack. The higher the attack, the smaller the probability of enemy evading the attack.
  • Únik: Chance of blocking enemy attacks. Most effective against monsters whose attacks cannot be parried.
  • Krytí: Chance of parrying enemy blows. Most effective against armed opponents.

Effects used against Geralt

Ikona Name Efekty Related
Krvácení effect symbol Krvácení
  • Continuous loss of život
  • Attack efficiency reduced - reduced hit, parry and dodge efficiency
  • Chance of dodging and parrying opponent attacks reduced
  • Susceptibility to Bolest critical effect increased
Oslepení effect symbol Oslepení
  • znemožněn aktivní únik (po útoku)
  • zabraňuje speciálním útokům
  • snížena účinnost útoků - účinnost zásahu, krytí a úniku
  • snížena šance na krytí a únik
  • snížena odolnost vůči sražení k zemi
Podpálení effect symbol Podpálení
  • Ztráta vitality po celou dobu trvání efektu
  • Znemožňuje krytí a únik
  • Speciální útoky znemožněny
  • Nefunkční znamení
  • Snížená odolnost vůči oslepení
Sražení k zemi effect symbol Sražení k zemi
  • Temporary sražení k zemi, i.e. knocking an opponent (or an opponent knocking Geralt) to the ground
  • When an enemy is knocked down, it prevents them from launching their next attack as quickly
  • Opponents can kill Geralt with one hit (a finishing blow), making this effect especially dangerous in combat against large, powerful beasts
Bolest effect symbol Bolest
  • Slows movement and attack speed
  • Reduces chance of dodging and parrying opponent attacks
  • The pain animation provides a visual stop to opponents attacking as they suffer the effect
Otrávení effect symbol Otrávení
Omráčení effect symbol Omráčení
  • Geralt is incapacitated, i.e. control of Geralt is temporarily ineffective
  • Opponents can kill Geralt with one hit (Coups de Grâce using ordinary swords or simple finishing blows using non-witcher style weapons)
  • When stunned, enemies' attacks are temporarily stopped as they remain afflicted

Effects used by Geralt

Name Efekty Related
  • Provides an increased chance of disarming opponent
Rozbití štítu
  • Provides an increased chance of dislodging the opponent's shield
  • Paralyzes opponent with strach
  • Appears to be similar to charm, as it makes an opponent fight on the caster's side
Přesný zásah
  • Provides an increased chance of landing a critical blow
Citlivost protivníka na stříbro
  • Increased an opponents vulnerability to silver weapons

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