Potion Cat



Příprava Základ Doba trvání Toxicita

Substances Rebis

Substances Quebrith

Substances Quebrith

The potion is made by mixing ingredients providing a total of one measure of Rebis and two measures of Quebrith

any base 8 hodin Nízká


  • Triss gives this formula at the end of the Prologue when Geralt asks her about the sorcerer who attacked the lab.
  • Kniha vlaštovky
  • Receiving this potion from the druids in Akt V, during "Zelený pochod" will unlock the formula if you did not have it already.


  • Cat is quite possibly the potion referred to in the Alchemy section of the in-game journal entry for Witchman.
  • In the short story, "The Witcher", Cat seems to be one of the potions Geralt drinks during his night with the striga.
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