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Holopole je severní městský stát. Je to minor land which is part of the former East March along with Malleore, Creyden a Caingorn. It borders Kaedwen and is walled in by Poštolčí hory to the east and the řeka Braa. V centru města je klášter Kreve.

Povídka "Hranice možností" partly takes place in Hołopole. In that story, the area attracted attention when a dragon suddenly appeared and began taking livestock from the local peasant farms. The locals, with the help of a shoemaker named Kozojed managed to almost kill the beast by baiting the animal with the carcass of a sheep stuff with a cocktail sure to kill anything. They were not quite successful, however, and the dragon managed to fly off into the canyons and relative safety.

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Seriál a film Zaklínač

The fourth episode of Zaklínač tv-series, "Smok" (The Dragon), takes place in Holopole.

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