Nezávislý elfí stát, sousedící s Aedirnem a Kaedwenem, vládne mu čarodějka Francesca Findabair. Nezávislost získalo za války Severu s Nilfgaardem, kdy Emhyr daroval toto území elfům za pomoc při boji s Nordlingy. Dol Blathanna je proslulé svou krásou, v překladu znamená Údolí květů.

Known also as the Valley of Flowers, Dol Blathanna is neighbour to Aedirn and Lyrie. It belonged to the elves for ages, until humans came and laid claim to the land, and the elves fled to the mountains. The region was led by Filavandrel aén Fidháil, but the elves struggled to survive as they had no knowledge of agriculture; among them was Toruviel.

After Nilfgaard invaded the Severní království, Emperor Emhyr var Emreis gave Dol Blathanna to the elves who had helped him and his empire. He also made Enid an Gleanna the queen of the elves' new state, though she still consulted with Filavandrel.

Dol Blathanna is where the short story "Konec světa" (Kraniec świata) mostly takes place, chronologically before the war.




Dol Blathanna is also the setting for the seventh episode of the TV series, "Dolina Kwiatów" (Valley of Flowers).


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