Calanthe Fiona Riannon z Cintry, známá také jako "Ard Rhena" ("Královna hor" ve Starší mluvě), nebo také "Lvice z Cintry", byla královna Cintry, matka Pavetty a babička Ciri.

Její synovec Crach an Craite ji nazýval "Modron". Byla proslulá svou krásou a svou statečností.

Calanthe was the only child of king Dagorad of Cintra and queen Adalia, known as Fay. Because only a man could inherit the throne of Cintra, she could only be the wife of a future king. She decided to marry Roegner, prince of Ebbing. Later she married Eist Tuirseach ofSkellige.

During the Slaughter of Cintra, she killed herself rather than surrendering to the invaders by jumping from the walls of the city of Cintra during its siege, after being heavily wounded in battle with Nilfgaardian forces at theBattle of Marnadal.

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