Bílý racek

Bílý racek


Příprava Základ Doba trvání Toxicita




Mix two measures of vitriol and one measure of rebis

alkohol Dlouhá
see Doba trvání
see Toxicita

Toxicita a doba trvání

  • Doba trvání of the effect is only long lasting if the potions is consumed as a hallucinogenic beverage
  • Toxicita of Bílý racek is "střední" but only when consumed as a hallucinogenic beverage. When used as a base, the toxicity is irrelevant, only the resulting toxicita of the brewed elixír counts



  • Even though you can mix White Gull with identical secondary substances (like Rubedo), it will not carry the effect over to the potion you have mixed. So you best mix it with those ingredients that lack any secondary substance.
  • Try to have a small stack of White Gull in your inventory while you play. Sometimes you will find yourself in need of a potion that needs high or top quality alcohol. Especially in the latter parts of the game, a small stack can be both a time and life saver since you may not always find the needed ingredients and alcohol.
  • There are two potions of White Gull in the armory on the second floor of Kaer Morhen in the Prologue
  • White Gull is sometimes used by locals as a palliative potion, to ease the suffering of the sick and dying. An old woman beggar in the Outskirts makes such a request of Geralt. If he obliges, she rewards him with the Eternal Fire signet ring
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